iPods? In the classroom? For Students?

Posted: June 20, 2011 in AR, learning, Twitter
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So the journey continues.

iPods all registered and ‘App-ed’ up. The next job was to ensure that they all worked in the school – a whole morning was spent ensuring that the devices worked on the network – now for lot’s of people the following may be straight forward and childs play, however for me it was a steep learning curve.

The “guest” network was allowing us to use the iPods but not allowing us to sign in to Twitter and Posterous. We searched and found the Wireless network of the school (using my school username and password to allow access) I then changed the Proxy to Manual – typed in the proxy server address and the port number. I had to do this on all twenty devices – a tad laborious but essential so that every iPod worked – phew!

Right so, on to the training – nine enthusiastic members of staff from the Science department turned up. I used the visualiser to explain and show a brief  “how to” guide about the iPod – camera, volume, on off switch, screen etc.

Then on to the fun stuff!

We used the i-nigma App to read some QR codes that I had produced – I then left the group to discuss how QR codes could be effectively used in lessons – very exciting ideas indeed, such as Science treasure hunts, lab safety games, researching the periodic table, tour of the Science faculty, perfect for Transition day said one……….

We then used the Twitteriffic App to do some tweeting – each iPod was signed in on the same account (again, this was done previously) and I asked each person to Tweet a response – a very quick way to extol the virtues of Twitter, however the backchannels that I was using (Twitterfall and VisibleTweets) wouldn’t show what had been tweeted. I know using a hashtag is the easiest way to search a group of tweets – but I have done this in the past just searching the name of the account username. Anyway it was not to be this time, I feel this affected the enthusiasm of using Twitter in the classroom somewhat………………….but i shall persevere!

We then used the Posterous App to do some blogging – each iPod was signed in on the same account (again, this was done previously) and I asked each person to blog a photo or comment. This worked really well and the majority were impressed, I personally was extremely surprised how quickly the photos uploaded and were published onto the blog. Again we discussed how blogging could be used either in the classroom or for home learning. The Science department now has their own blog!!

Generally a fairly successful session, I even had time to show off a bit of AR using the Aurasma App and a few other Web 2.0 websites such as Wordle.

Notes to myself for future training with the department;

  • Sign in each iPod to a different Twitter Account – eg iPod1, iPod2 etc as they are all numbered on the back
  • Check out the Twitter Backchannels – would different accounts show up? use a hashtag next time!
  • Show them Poll Anywhere for voting with Twitter
  • and much, much more!

    Concentration personified!! Check out them QR codes....

    Nice perspective! Using the visualiser to train the group

Me, working hard as usual!

  1. Great blog. I love these ideas. Visualisers are ace: talked my new dept into buying one during my interview!

    What’s qr code and do I need to know what it is?

    • taitcoles says:

      QR code, stands for Quick Response code – basically a “bar code” that has a piece of text, website, link behind it. The QR code looks like a black and white patterned square, when you hover your camera (connected to a QR reader) over the image it will take you directly to waht ever you want.

      I use “i-nigma” App which is free and quick to scan
      and I use http://qrcode.kaywa.com website to generate my QR codes.

      We used QR codes for a Maths revision session a few months ago – check out the blog http://www.shootthatc2011.posterous.com

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