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I was extremely privileged to be asked to record a short video for #TMClevedon last week by the rather wonderful Mark Anderson @ICTEvangelist.

I decided to talk about Resilience: Our journey to become Independent Learners – this is the story so far of how at Temple Moor High School we are trying to develop our students to become resilient and independent learners.

The presentation was also recorded on the night

In fact, all the presentations delivered on the night can be found here

Make sure you take a look at David Didau’s (@LearningSpy) presentation on SOLO Taxonomy – it is excellent.

Although I wasn’t there on the night, it has become clearly apparent that the night was a huge success and a fantastic event all-round – well done Mark and his team!!

Some of the resources in the video can be found here;

New 5R profile – this is something we are just starting to use at Temple Moor. Ask your students to assess their 5R attributes by colouring in what they are good at (each attribute is divided into four, one being poor, four being excellent) if students use a different colour the next time they self assess you will be able to see progress – hopefully! This has worked really well so far. I encourage my students to look at others and share their experiences, for example “if you are not great at persisting find someone who is and ask them what strategies they use”

Resilience_Scale I share this scale with my students quite a bit, especially when we’re stuck! Originally I designed it to be as a bookmark that students have in their exercise books and constantly refer to.

Presentation used to launch the 5Rs