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I had the job of registering and uploading 20 iPods for a Secondary School in Bradford – after a brief training session from the local CLC about how to do it, I embarked on the task – pretty straight forward really.

The next job was to choose, justify and select learning Apps for the devices. After speaking with the staff involved I came up with the following. I have split the Apps into learning and specific to Science.



Learning Apps.

Aurasma – for Augmented Reality (see previous post on AR for learning)

I-nigma – a QR reader

Twitterific – Twitter app for class feedback/research (see previous post – 30 ways to use Twitter to accelerate learning)

Dragon Dictation – turning vocal recognition into text for reluctant writers

Evernote – app for taking notes in lessons (text, photos and videos)

Posterous – for blogging – I will be posting more about this in the future

FlashCard App – huge library of pre made flash cards and options for students to create their own flash cards

Wikipedia – for research

Wordweb – nice online dictionary and thesauras

TED – for inspirational speakers and speaches

Calculator – a nice student based calculator with scribing/testing options




Science Apps

BMI Calculator – easy to use BMI calculator

Science Glossary – a huge index of Science related keywords – includes terms and Scientists

Data Logger – haven’t had a great deal of time to play around with this – looks more for KS4 high ability & KS5

Collider Game – completely addictive physics game about attracting and repelling charged particles

Finger Physics Game – another addictive game developing students lateral thinking skills about forces, magnets, gravity etc

Molecules – visual 3D image of various molecules (DNA, Insulin, Caffeine etc) rotates and enlarges

iElements – nice Periodic Table App displaying information on all the elements

PopScience – relevant and interesting Science related articles perfect for How Science Works

101 Science Q’s – quick fire Science questions for Biology, Physics and Chemistry

GCSE Science – simple Science revision facts for GCSE covering majority of spec’

Science Lab – well designed Q&A quiz based app for Science

Science Facts x 2 – nifty apps for trivial yet intersting Science facts perfect for student curiosity

Human Fact – similar to above but all about the human body, has a nice “shake for next fact”

Talking John – a good way to teach about bacteria? I think so!

Fat Face – an engaging way to help students present resources about healthy eating and a balanced diet (ta to @57 mason for the idea)

Human Anatomy – revision and testing app on the anatomy of the human body – includes skeletal, muscular, digestive, nervous, endocrine and reproductory system)

Sky View – really smart for app for reserching about the solar system

Elementals – fun app for learning about the elements (probably best for KS3 as there are a few issues with elcectonic structure not being displayed as well as they could be)


All these Apps were completely free – what do you think? Have I missed any off? Do I need to upload some more? Which ones? Would be really interested to read your comments….