Stuff what I wrote


Teachwire (Oct 2017) ‘Prevent Is Marginalising BAME Teachers And Students Alike’

The Guardian (Sep 2015) ‘Jeremy Corbyn and education: readers’ dream policies’

Full version of the above piece on the Independent Thinking blog

‘An Education in Double Standards’ a piece for the Independent Thinking blog December 2015 

Critical Pedagogy

The Guardian (Jan 2015) ‘Will you tell pupils how you plan to vote in the election?’

The Guardian, Teacher Network Blog (Feb 2014) Critical pedagogy: schools must equip students to challenge the status quo. Teachers should embrace a radical pedagogy and provoke students to demand equality for themselves and others

Punk Learning

British Punk Still Lives (June 2019) Punk Learning is here – interview with Tait Coles

Phil Beadle’s review of “Never Mind the Inspectors; Here’s Punk Learning” in The Guardian (Dec 2014) ‘An education book that changed me…’

Article in Learning & Teaching Update (Feb 2013) Subscription Only to view

SOLO Taxonomy

Article in Creative Teaching & Learning Magazine (July 2012) CTL_3.2_Full_Version_2

Article for RealSmart blog about using RealSmart and SOLO Taxonomy “Going SOLO with RealSmart” 

Article in Learning & Teaching Update on SOLO Taxonomy (Dec 2012)

Teaching and Learning

Article in Creative Training Techniques publication (June 2011) about using Twitter for learning June-2011-Newsletter


Blog post for IRIS Connect (Sept 2012) – One school’s approach to CPD


Mention in Kristian Still’s “Hexagonal Learning” article on the Guardian Teacher Blog (July 2012)

Mentioned in TESpro (July 2012) and TESS (August 2012) article “Going SOLO; a shared language for understanding” 

  1. iphone5 s c保護フィルム

  2. Anonymous says:

    feel quite inspired to go and share punk learning with my classes after half-term, (old enough to have been a punk the first time round- wasn’t, never too old!!)

  3. Candy says:

    Hi would love to see some more of your work on Solo! Very impressive.

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