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My school has a strict no phone policy. However, I am extremely interested and inspired by mobile learning both in and out of the classroom. I want to use QR codes, Augmented Reality and educational mobile Apps. I want to encourage my students to take photos, create videos and record podcasts. I want to create opportunities for my students to research the internet, use collaborative Web 2.0 sites and use their devices to post onto blogs. I want to flip my classroom and allow my students to view videos and presentations from their mobile devices.

What’s the plan? Well, (after I have received permission from SLT – obviously!) I will choose a specific group to trial, investigate what devices they own – possibly setting up a collaborative form in GoogleDocs, work with the Network Manager about using the school’s wireless network, write home to parents, plan engaging and inspiring lessons and then…ask my students to BYOD!!

Big thanks to @pauldavidmac and @JamiePortman for helping me along with this learning journey – and obviuosly this is only the beginning! All resources and thoughts along the way will appear on the blog – watch this space!

The PDF of this poster can be downloaded here – byod

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