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Comments from Paul Ginnis

Posted: June 26, 2011 in learning, Uncategorized

I wrote a blog post about my thoughts on a keynote presentation by Paul Ginnis that I saw last week. I thought I’d eMail him just to let him know that I had written something about his session, to be honest I didn’t think I’d hear from him – he’s a busy man after all!

This was his reply……

Hello Tait

Thanks for getting in touch and a big thanks for the kind things you said in your blog.  It’s very encouraging for me to know that you found the presentations helpful – I don’t often get such full feedback. Did I really say those things?! It’s good of you to let me see it.

Thanks also for being such a willing participant at the conference – and a good sport.

I wish you well in your own work and hope our paths cross again at some point,



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