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I have created an Introduction to SOLO Taxonomy Prezi. The original intention was to use this to assist me in delivering sessions on SOLO Taxonomy to the NQTs and faculties in my school. However, as I have been asked by numerous people on Twitter to share this, I thought it would make sense to upload it on my blog. Again, special thanks go to Darren Mead for assistance and support in producing this presentation, he even appears on it……he gets everywhere!!

Anyway, I hope you will use it to inspire your colleagues to use SOLO Taxonomy.

SOLO Taxonomy on Prezi

  A lot of the quotes in the Prezi have come from a book I recently purchased called

SOLO Taxonomy: A Guide to Schools, a suitable addition to any Christmas list! Details can be found here

I have also included this 2004 paper from the University of Auckland entitled “Cognitive Processes in asTTle (Assessment Tools for Teaching and Learning): The SOLO Taxonomy”.

The link to the full paper can be found here.

There is a very interesting piece in the Appendix about “The Problems of Bloom’s Taxonomy”

I have also summarised and uploaded this onto Google Docs and highlighted (in my mind) the key points and principles that need to be recognised and communicated when introducing SOLO Taxonomy to other colleagues. It is an open document so please feel free to add comments.

The summarised and highlighted article can be found here.