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Our SOLO learning journey has well and truly begun……

I have now used SOLO Taxonomy successfully (in my opinion) with all my KS3 classes  – the class that I was most excited about using SOLO with was with my Year 8 Science class. This is my most challenging and interesting group, in terms of behaviour, motivation and mind-set. I really wanted to use SOLO with them to prove (to myself really) that the learning taxonomy can work with almost any student. Everybody has classes like this – a “poor” lesson with them can leave you disappointed and frustrated, while a “good” lesson with them can leave you feeling extremely satisfied and well, on top of your game. Just to put this group in context – their end of KS3 targets range from a Level 2 to a low-level 4.

Lesson One using SOLO Taxonomy.

The first video shows three students using the Leeds Utd statements (these can be found in a previous post here) to define and understand the five stages of SOLO. Now it is fair to say that they haven’t quite grasped the five stages yet, but I really like the way they articulated their understanding and justified their decisions. These three students had been learning about SOLO Taxonomy for approximately 40 minutes.



Lesson Two using SOLO Taxonomy.

This video shows two students using hexagon shaped key word cards to show how they had connected their learning. We have been learning about Respration in class and this lesson was consildating their understanding. They really enjoyed using the cards to construct individual and personal connections with the content they had been learning. Thanks to DamianClark @clarky099 for the fantastic idea.

Right at the end I asked the two students which level of understanding they had achieved using the SOLO Taxonomy – listen to their reply!



To me this shows huge progress in the understanding of the taxonomy by this group. We are going to continue to use SOLO (they have already asked me!) to assess each others thinking, to use it to construct feed forward comments to help each other move on and to use it for differentiating learning outcomes.


I hope you find the videos of interest, I intend to take more videos and podcasts to communicate to others the amazing benefit and success of using SOLO Taxonomy for learning.