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Posted: July 4, 2015 in CRT, Racism
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I am sure you have heard or read about the tragic terrorist attack that happened last month. Dr Sarandev Bhambra (a well-respected, hard-working and universally liked citizen from Yorkshire, who was also a Dentist) was set upon by a Welsh white 26-year-old – known as Zack Davies – with a hammer and machete in Tesco in Mold, Flintshire. May I first pass on my support to the Bhambra family and wish Sarandev a speedy recovery, the whole country’s thoughts are with you and your family during these testing times.

I would also like to point out that this was a horrific and brutal attack, one that nobody can condone or excuse. But, let us focus on the real danger here; the one of radicalisation. Radicalisation as everyone knows directly links to terrorism; there is no evidence to support this, but it doesn’t take a genius to work out if you have radical ideas you are bound to try and kill people. These extremist views always manifest itself into terrorist attacks, such as the calculated and horrendous one mercilessly carried out by Davies.

I haven’t read into the full story and I obviously don’t know the complex case surrounding these events, but it’s pretty clear to me that this guy is evil and completely goes against any sort of decency or morality that we hold dear in England. His acts were completely against fundamental English values and the fact that he attacked a person because of “the colour of his skin” means that this is a hate crime and a race crime as well as a terrorist act. Unfortunately these events exemplify the danger that this country is now experiencing from these Welsh white people.

Police officers investigating the attempted murder – and how many more of these attacks from Welsh people on Asians are we going to see now? – believe that the ‘Mold Marauder’ was radicalised over the internet and had previously looked at Right Wing material from charities such as Combat 18, National Front and Britain First. Since writing this, David Cameron – our Prime Minister – has insisted that we no longer refer to Britain First as Britain First, as Britain First don’t hold the values of Britain and…aren’t first. Instead Britain First should now be referred to as BF or BFG (Britain First Group). Now, although Davies is young and impressionable and obviously has issues with identity and belonging, he is hardly a victim – he is a cold and calculated terrorist. One that every Welsh person should be ashamed of. When are these Welsh communities going to apologise for this horrific event, surely they should be doing more to stop this.

I don’t know too much about the Welsh culture but watching TV programmes and reading newspapers I know it is an extremely patriarchal society, think about their famous ALL Male Welsh choirs, yeah exactly! I also can’t remember seeing any women in the Welsh National MALE Rugby Union team can you? I think you’ll agree, if you choose to be part of Great Britain – which is called Great for a reason – you have to try and fit in. I obviously don’t live in areas where there is a high abundance of the Welsh, but from watching the same TV programmes and reading the same newspapers, I know for a fact that they wear strange clothes, eat weird foods and do not even try to interact and assimilate to our culture. I mean if you are going to live in our country, at least learn the bloody language!

To add balance to this piece, I went to an event on anti-radicalisation organised by a group of people who organise events on anti-radicalisation. There was an invited speaker – I believe he was Welsh, he looked Welsh – who talked about how these young, Welsh men may feel isolated and alienated due to how they have been treated by the British Government. He banged on about historical foreign policy, unemployment rates, job prospects and stuff and how they were seen as second class citizens and that we shouldn’t be fuelling an ‘us and them’ rhetoric. I found it all rather biased and wouldn’t be surprised if the speaker was an extremist himself.

I am really pleased that this ‘War on Welsh Terror’ is getting the huge media attention it rightly deserves. I can only congratulate the BBC for bringing together a diverse set of opinions on this subject, although none of the experts are white or Welsh, they clearly have a lot to offer in discussing how we can eradicate this disease in every single Welsh community. I particularly liked the Guardian comment piece from DJ Nihal because, although he doesn’t come from the same background as “Frwydr Zack” he sort of looks like the bloke that got attacked so he can show empathy and stuff. His piece was great because, although it didn’t challenge my thinking, it said what I wanted to say but couldn’t, and also he’s famous which I think is important.

Now I don’t want to go over the top here, but what about Davies’ parents and more importantly his teachers. My proposal would be for all schools in Flintshere and other places where there are Welsh people…like Wales, to set up surveillance strategies on all school children there; it’s expensive, so maybe focus on the students like Davies most likely to be radicalised (white, Welsh students). Any sign of radicalisation such as, not doing as you’re told, arguing about stuff, being proud to be Welsh (uuurgghhh!) and generally acting like sodding teenagers should be brought to the attention of people who can arrest these terrorists – cos’ that’s what they’ll be in a matter of months if we don’t do anything – and lock them up for a very long time or better still make them leave.

I would also like to see outlets such as B&Q and Homebase being held to account for selling dangerous weapons like hammers – like what Davies used – that could be bought and used by any white Welsh extremist and used for terrorism.



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